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 Victorians Operation Procedures VOP

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PostSubject: Victorians Operation Procedures VOP   Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:50 pm

Victorians Operation Procedures

Their is a chain of command in all Alliance, this one is no different. Contact the Vice Host for Major problems and the Presbyter are Office, that is online at the time, for all other problems. The HOST should not be contacted unless no other Officer can be reached..See the Posted Chain of Command and Job Description

1. LOCATION: Victorians are mainly in TUSCANY and are always happy to have additional players in other countries.

2. PROFILE: All Members are required to fill out their profile: in the Location Section put your evony Country & Aliance " example Tuscany - I will fill out the rest of the profile for you.

3. 7 DAY REQUIREMENT: All members are required to visit this FORUM at a minimun of once every seven (7) days. New information is being Posted Daily and this information will help you become a better player.

4. ASSISTANCE: When a Victorian needs assistance in fighting off an attacker, Leaders and players are to provide Troop support as necessary. (When You Send Troops Send FOOD with your Troops and follow up with transports if necessary)

5. SUPPLIES Leaders are required to provide supplies (food, wood, iron, stone and Gold) as necessary to support your Command and others as necessary. Players cought selling are giving away these supplies shall not receive any more supplies and are subject to being expelled without cause.

6. CHATTING: Chatting is allowed unless Their is someone reporting a problem, then all chatting shall stop until the problem is resolved. When the Commander N' Chief ask who is on everyone will report. The chat box in this alliance is for passing informationto all who is on at the time.

7. SIGN ON: All players shall say Hi when they sign on. This is necessary in the event someone needs HELP.

8. REPORTS: All Leaders are required to check the daily WAR REPORTS and the WAITING TO JOIN list Daily. Any attacks need to be addressed with the person that was attacked and make sure that all the necessary information is provided to you. see #10

9. TALKING ABOUT: No one will talk down are about any member of this Alliance in a negative are hateful way. (Any disconforts you may have towards an individual needs to be solved are you can leave are I will help you leave.) This is not how we operate this Alliance.

10. BEING ATTACKED: Upon being Scouted and/are Attacked, you need to let your Leader know. 1. What Alliance they belong to. 2. Attackers Name and Coordance (this can only be done by you as the coordance do not show up on the Reports). A counter attack shall be launched to recover any and all supplies. Coordinate and send in wave attacks against the Invador with complete Alliance efforts, where applicable.

11. BEING ATTACKED: When you are under attack tell us " Under Attack your Coords *** *** and Name of the Attacker and the Attackers Coords *** ***. And how long until the attack. Whisper your coordance, Never put your coordance on the open chat. If you want troop support tell us what you need ie ARCHERS 25K (Your Dove will flash RED when you are being attacked.)

12. SUPPLIES: All players 50K+Pres are to provide the ADMINISTRATOR with 10000 of each supplies on FRIDAY's, this will enable him to provide supplies to are newbees and othe members as they need it. When you need supplies let the Administrator know, he will get you some supplies, but also # 13 let him know you coords. Any player not registered is not entitled to supplies nor assistance. The requestor most give reason for needing the supplies to the satisfaction of the Administrator Commander sending the supplies.) ie., Building Wall Lv8 192K wood, are what ever you need.
Remember never give your coordance on open Chat.

13. COORDANCE: All Victorians are to provide to the ADINISTRATION COMMANDER with your city(ies) name and coordance and the country they are located in. ie. Alpha1, 222 222 , TUSCANY

14. LEAVING: Leaving the alliance without permission is like in the MILITARY, but here we call it Absent With Out Permission. In time of conflect are WAR it is punishable by death. If you want to go to another Alliance, I will contact the HOST and get his/her permission for you to join, then expelle you. Do Not Just Leave and send me your "I'm Sorry Letter"

15. ABSENT: Being absent is troublesome and fustrating for any Alliance. So if you are going to be absent notify us. Here are two (2) options: A. Notify one of the Officers and let them know that you are not gong to be on for X# days and your city will need x amount of food daily to keep it maintained. B. Intrust your account to someone in the Alliance during your absents. This allows your city to be maintained and able to defend itself in the event of an attack. Terefore, any player absent for more than 7 days without notification will be expelled, NO EXCEPTION, and shall not be allowed back in the Alliance. Which brings up another point, once you have been expelled the alliance will attack your city to recover all supplies.

A. Leaving the alliance without just cause
B. Found to be a SPY
C. Found to be a Trader
D. Commiting Mutiny

Do not build another City without first checking with the HOST. Their are several cities that are already completed and ready for you to move into. It costs less to take a city than it does to build one. The provider will tell you what you need to take the city.

Suggestion are WELCOME and need to be sent to the Host are Vice Hosts so that we can discuss them and post are reject them. This is a Group Alliance an everone has Ideals and good suggestions, so lets make this the best Alliance on the Server

SAM60 - Host
Hacker - Vice Host
DIZZYD - Vice Host

SAM - Creator and Host of the Victorians Forum and Alliance

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PostSubject: Spy - If you are a Spy you must tell us when you join   Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:03 am

There are good reasons to be a spy.
- You are from one of our friendly alliance partners and just need to see what we are doing.
- You are from the enemy and need to get info on us.
- You are just curious

Please inform SAM1 about your indentations.

Unregistered spying is Treason! And the penalty for treason is death.
We will catch you, count on it.
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Victorians Operation Procedures VOP
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